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January 30 2018

I have to clean my pots and pans because I have to cook because I have to stay alive for some reason but I’m exhausted and today has been proper shit.

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Tell him i love him

It’s strange to think that after all these years the most efficient way to make myself start crying is to think about Tony or Steve dying.

January 29 2018

It was finally decided today: I’m going to Portugal for work in 2 weeks!

November 06 2017




Rejoice, “let’s fake a relationship for Christmas” fanfic season is upon us.


Yo Check Please fandom! Please???

Yes omg! The “I told my parents I had a partner and they asked me to bring them home for the holidays!”

November 05 2017

My mom and I watched Thor Ragnarok today, I really liked it! Really funny, good music, good characters, lots of fun basically!


odin, glancing down at baby loki as he carries him home after finding him abandoned: good thing I still have all those green and black baby clothes from 4000 years ago that nobody knows about but me

November 04 2017

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I don’t know what to write on these anymore?


I’ve made a dress today, it’s aaaalmost done I just need to finish the neckline and the hem but all my energy just vanished. Ugh.

November 03 2017

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November 02 2017

Funny thing: I’ve always thought that Susan Delacorte is supposed to say ‘cock’ when she’s talking about that statue of the pharao “meant to preserve his co…his soul” in Mona Lisa smile. But I just realized as I was watching it today that ‘ka’ is an actually thing, it’s often used in crosswords.

Maybe it’s supposed to be both?


merry christmas. it is christmas every single day for two months straight from now until the end of december. merry fucking christmas

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a very cute captain [x]

November 01 2017

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Reposted byneressia neressia

Halloween is finally in the past, which means we can start looking forward to Christmas! Yaaaay

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chapter 3 - 7

why are they like this

read from the beginning / read on tapas / my art blog / my personal blog(come talk to me!) / heartstopper merch / read the next update early on Patreon!

Charlie, a highly-strung, openly gay over-thinker, and Nick, a cheerful, soft-hearted rugby player, meet at a British all-boys grammar school. Friendship blooms quickly, but could there be something more…?

Nick and Charlie are characters from my debut novel, Solitaire. Heartstopper updates three times a month, on the 1st, 11th, and 21st.

i really appreciate reblogs and shares - please help me spread word about this comic! i’m so excited for people to read it!

PRE-ORDERS FOR THE HEARTSTOPPER MINI-COMIC ZINE ARE OPEN. Instead of restocking, I’m opening pre-orders for two weeks. This will be your final chance to get a zine at least until after Christmas, so please pre-order before the 13th November if you want one!

October 31 2017


“Hey, bud, can you hold this for me?” Jack nudges Bitty gently as he jingles the contents of his pocket. 

Bitty rolls his eyes but holds his right hand out, palm up, expecting a set of keys or some coins.

Instead, he’s rewarded with the warm, heavy weight of Jack’s hand in his, their fingers interlocking, and a grin on Jack’s face that’s entirely too smug.

Despite himself, Bitty giggles. Sure, I’ll hold this, he thinks to say. And I ain’t ever letting go.

Yesterday I bought a 7-day gel polish, because normal nail polish just peels right off even with base and top coats.

Guess who’s had to fill in parts on 4 nails already!?

Hopeless case I guess.


I opened the door and only Arthur came inside. It’s raining. I couldn’t find the other cat. She’s usually the first to come through the door, so I got slightly worried.


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