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May 23 2018

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Not a lot has changed to be honest.

May 22 2018

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I finished a new project. It’s a wrap!

May 21 2018

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Decided to say “fuck it, I’ll make my hair as big as possible” today, I’ve gotten more compliments today than the rest of the year combined. Wtf.

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this shouldn’t have made me laugh so hard but I almost cried

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May 13 2018

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“What do you think your prom date is doing right now?”

I watched Infinity War again last night with my mom, liked it better than the first time. And I had small moments of awe because we have bearded!cap in this movie. It’s like when I remember we got commander!cap in winter soldier. They really did that. What a gift.

I’ve been feeling like I’m developing a cold since before Christmas. Not every day, but enough to make it annoying as fuck. Anti-histamines makes no difference, so even now when it should be caused by pollen, it tells me it’s not. My crp is low so it’s not an infection or inflammation. So what is it??

May 12 2018

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ to Continue on NBC


NBC has picked up “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” for a sixth season, the network announced Friday.

The decision comes after the cop comedy was canceled at Fox after five seasons on Thursday. Producer Universal Television had been in talks with Hulu to keep the series afloat, but the streaming service ultimately passed.

The sixth season will consist of 13 episodes.

“Ever since we sold this show to Fox I’ve regretted letting it get away, and it’s high time it came back to its rightful home,” said Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment. “Mike Schur, Dan Goor, and Andy Samberg grew up on NBC and we’re all thrilled that one of the smartest, funniest, and best cast comedies in a long time will take its place in our comedy line-up. I speak for everyone at NBC, here’s to the Nine-Nine!”

With the move, series executive producer and co-creator Schur will have three shows on NBC for the 2018-2019 season. Along with “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” NBC also airs the critically-acclaimed single-camera comedy “The Good Place” and the recently-ordered multi-cam “Abby’s,” about an unlicensed bar in San Francisco.

Fans of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” were stunned when Fox announced they were cancelling it along with fellow comedies “The Mick” and “The Last Man on Earth.” There has been a large online push to save the show, with celebrity fans like Lin-Manuel Miranda leading the charge by sharing hashtags like #SaveB99 and #RenewB99. Mark Hamill also expressed his dismay at the show’s cancellation in a tweet on Thursday.

May 11 2018

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Good Jacques™ Lives!

I uhhhhh was just thinking about this Man.

Idk. I imagined a brief post-game locker-room interview (maybe a year or two after his first cup) that Bitty (and a good portion of omgcp-universe hockey tumblr at large) considers a gift from the heavens.

My other Check Please stuff

My Not-Check Please Stuff

(AHHHHHH HAIRY JACK!!!! Okay – assume Bitty hasn’t seen Jack naked in a few weeks because of the Playoffs:)

The Cup series is finally over and Jack is back home, in his own room, with his own boyfriend, and he’s ready to return some sense of normalcy after weeks of Skype calls and away games.

“Oh, honey, I — what is on your chest?”

Jack looks up from the shirt in his hands and finds Bitty staring at him from the bathroom, toothbrush half-hanging out of his mouth.

“What?” Jack looks back down at himself. “What is it?”

“Your chest!” Bitty repeats, tossing his toothbrush into the sink and rushing across the room to smack his damp palm against the hair between Jack’s pecs. “What is this?

“My…hair? You’ve seen it.”

“Um, no,” Bitty looks up at Jack incredulously, dragging his fingers through the thick hair that covers his chest. “You had a little bit of fuzz but not this. Are you on steroids? Is this testosterone or something because you are very…dense.”

“Bud, you know I don’t shave during the playoffs,” he pries Bitty’s hand off his chest and brings it to his lips to kiss at the knuckles. “This is me after three playoff rounds and a Cup.”

“I think I’m going to pass out,” Bitty whispers, eyes still locked on Jack’s naked torso. “You’re hairy.”

“Haha, is that a bad thing?”

Bitty drops his head against Jack’s chest and presses his face between his boyfriend’s pecs.

No,” comes the muffled reply. “It’s the best thing. Big muscle bear.”

“Bud,” Jack laughs at the sensation of Bitty’s breath tickling his skin and drops his shirt to get an arm around him. “I’m glad you like how hairy I am when I don’t groom myself but you had to know this?”

“You’ve been manscaping this entire time and I had no idea. You’re so handsome I’m going to die,” Bitty whines, pulling back just enough to get out a complete sentence and stare at Jack with damp eyes. “You’re like, a man.”

“Was I not one before?” Jack teases.

“No! I mean, yes! But — Oh, lord,” Bitty sighs, giving up trying to defend himself and falling into Jack’s arms.



“Do you ‘groom’, here?” Bitty teases, poking at the dark trail of hair below Jack’s belly button.

“Are you asking if I trim everywhere?” Jack whispers, knowing exactly where he wants this conversation to head. Bitty’s cheeks go pink before he drops his head again to hide his blush.

“Maybe,” Bitty answers softly, tugging at a few long strands and flashing a toothy smile. “What if I am?

“Well, why don’t you check for yourself?” 

Jack takes Bitty’s hand and guides his fingers a bit lower until they’re brushing against the waistband of Jack’s running shorts.  

“It’s been a long series. Let me know what you think.”


The bus I was on today hit a cat. I saw it run in front of the bus trying to get across and then I heard a thud. So sad. The driver didn’t even stop. I keep thinking about it’s owner who won’t have their cat come home tonight :(

Update: my dad said he didn’t see any traces of an accident later so maybe it survived!! :D

The bus I was on today hit a cat. I saw it run in front of the bus trying to get across and then I heard a thud. So sad. The driver didn’t even stop. I keep thinking about it’s owner who won’t have their cat come home tonight :(

morning glory


moonlit-phoenix replied to your photo:if somebody tells me what to put in it I totally…

established relationship, steve comes back from a long mission, already slept for 12 hours straight and is still exhausted but came to the kitchen because it’s sunday and he needs to cook brunch but conks out instead over some cereal

Steve wakes up because his stomach is trying to eat itself.

He still desperately wants to be asleep, despite having slept—he cracks one eye open and peeks at the alarm clock on the bedside table.

And lets out a long slow sigh.

Twelve hours.

He slept twelve hours and he’d gladly go back to sleep right now if—ugh.

His stomach growls again and Steve pries himself up off of the mattress, grimacing as the sheet slides off his bare back, cool air raising the hairs all the way up to his neck. He chafes his hands up his arms and then slides into his slippers and shuffles over to the bathroom to get his robe from the inside of the door. With that wrapped securely around his body he feels a little warmer and he heads out to the kitchen to find something to eat, yawning into his fist.

The mission had taken place over the better part of five days, three of which had robbed Steve of sleep. He aches all over from the toll it had taken on him physically, though there aren’t many visible marks. He’d gone without food the last twenty-four hours, which his fast lane metabolism had not taken kindly to.

Steve smiles when the lights come up to twenty percent and mutters, “Thanks, JARVIS.”

“Certainly, sir,” JARVIS murmurs back. “Shall I put on the coffee?”

“Yes, please,” Steve says fervently.

While it burbles in the background, the scent wafting intoxicatingly around him, Steve leans on the fridge door and looks at what’s inside. There are plenty of eggs and bread and milk and dimly, Steve recalls that it’s Sunday and he’s supposed to make brunch for the fellas, but just imagining going through the process of making French toast and frying the bacon and the eggs makes him tired and his jaw stretches wide in another face-splitting yawn.

He decides he’ll make it up to them and pulls a box of Cheerios out of the cabinet and pours himself a bowl. The coffee finishes about the time he’s added in the milk and he retrieves a mug of it before heading to the table and slouching into one of the chairs.

The coffee’s good and hot, bracing, and he makes it through half the bowl of cereal. Then his head starts to droop and his eyes grow heavy, the heat from the coffee seeping through the mug into his hands.

JARVIS lets Tony know Steve’s up, and he decides to take a break from the schematics review to go and see how he’s doing.

He smiles when he steps into the kitchen and finds Steve slumped in a chair, head lolling to the side. There’s a still-steaming mug of coffee curled loosely in his left hand, the other having slid back into his lap. The bowl of cereal next to it is only half-eaten.

Tony huffs and stands there for a minute, just looking at him.

His hair’s a mess, flattened on one side from sleeping on it and there are dark circles under his eyes. His jaw is scruffy, covered in a layer of vaguely reddish gold hair. God, he’s lucky.

Tony reaches forward and curls his hands around Steve’s jaw, running his thumbs over the line where the soon-to-be-beard gives way to skin. Then he drags his nails lightly through the scruff. “Steve,” he murmurs. “Steve, honey.”

“Mm,” Steve mumbles and shifts slightly, though his face doesn’t move a centimeter away from Tony’s hands.

Heavy-lidded eyes creep open and Tony smiles at the sliver of blue that peeks out. “Hey, there, Sunshine.”

The hand in Steve’s lap lifts to curl around Tony’s arm. “Hhmnony,” he mumbles eyes drifting toward the table. “B'kfast.”

“I see that,” Tony says, and drags his nails slowly down Steve’s cheeks, feeling the coarse hairs catch under his blunt nails.

Steve’s eyes flutter, rolling back in his head a little and Tony grins.

“You wanna try and finish, or you want to go back to bed?”

Again, Steve’s eyes crack open, surveying the half-eaten breakfast. “Bed,” he sighs.

Tony presses his smile into Steve’s cheek and follows it with a kiss. “That’s what I thought. Come on. Upsie daisy.”

Steve groans as Tony helps haul him to his feet. Then he curls his arm around Tony’s shoulder and shuts his eyes and leaves it to Tony to direct his heavy steps back to the bed. That trust is a beautiful thing, and Tony does the best he can to keep it.

In the bedroom, Steve folds into the bed, sighing as he sinks into the pillows. Tony sits on the edge, catching the hairs on the end of Steve’s chin gently between his fingers. “Love you,” he says, casually as he can.

Steve is already asleep, but his fingers, wrapped tight around Tony’s, say everything.


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Fox canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Twitter is rightfully angry. This show did wonders for thoughtful, authentic representation; I’m really sad to see it go. 

May 09 2018

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here have some quick zimbits forehead kissies 

May 08 2018


the audience when red skull showed up with the soul stone

May 07 2018

If I don’t wake up to at least one like on my outfit of the day I’m gonna be real disappointed in you guys. Not mad, just disappointed.

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Okay but my outfit today 👌🏼✨

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Spies and Secret Agents AU where Steve and Bucky go undercover at MIT and Steve fucked Tony, his boss’s godson (basically 22 jumpstreet who am i kidding)

lbr, Bucky is that one friend who laughs at your misery


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