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September 04 2017

I’m officially back on the Ferris wheel today, not sure if I have to go back to the full 225mg or if I could stop at 150 maybe, it’s a couple of weeks away anyway but honestly I’m feeling so much better already just because of placebo.

I was really close to starting back up on Tuesday because I was feeling so damn low, but I decided to wait and decide when I wasn’t at a super low point, it hasn’t gotten better in four weeks, my doctor is fine with me starting up again, I’m (mostly) fine with it, my mom is even fine with it (she claims, but of course I think she’s disappointed). Idk, we’ll see what happens

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“Whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong.” (via Jonathan88)

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September 03 2017

I was fine with the idea of staying on my meds for the rest of my life when it was a hypothetical choice I could make. Facing the fact that I’m not doing well off my meds and actually don’t know if I ever can go longer periods of time without them is messing with me




re: last gifset i mean yes and good and i would die for zendaya but the spiderman reboot only exists because andrew garfield was vocally campaigning for a bi peter parker and for michael b. jordan to play mj and sony responded by firing him and signing a licensing agreement with marvel which explicitly contractually obligates marvel to portray spiderman as heterosexual and white

ok this seems to be getting notes outside of my circle so i’m going to add some more context to this

so in a july 2013 interview with entertainment weekly, andrew garfield said that he’d been discussing the possibility of a bi peter parker with marc webb, the films’ director, and matt tolmach, one of the producers. this was just a little over a year before the amazing spiderman 2 was released. choice quote:

Recently, he says, he had a philosophical discussion with producer Matt Tolmach about Mary Jane or “MJ” to fans. “I was kind of joking, but kind of not joking about MJ,” he tells EW. “And I was like, ‘What if MJ is a dude?’ Why can’t we discover that Peter is exploring his sexuality?  It’s hardly even groundbreaking!…So why can’t he be gay? Why can’t he be into boys?”

Garfield even has an actor in mind: “I’ve been obsessed with Michael B. Jordan since The Wire. He’s so charismatic and talented. It’d be even better—we’d have interracial bisexuality!” The star has clearly suggested a sexually flexible Spidey to his director, Marc Webb, as well. When EW later mentions the idea to Webb, the director says, “Michael B. Jordan, I know.” Oh, so he’s heard this too? “Uh, are you kidding?”

so, in andrew’s own words, he was “not joking” about this, and michael b. jordan was not just a random suggestion andrew threw out during an interview - he’d actually discussed the possibility with the director. 

for what it’s worth, michael b. jordan was open to it. in a july 2013 interview with vh1, michael said: 

Spider-Man‘s Andrew Garfield recently said that the superhero’s sexuality is open to interpretation, and he named you as someone he’d want to play his gay lover in the film, should Marc Webb choose to go that route.
No thoughts on that, but I am a fan of Andrew. He’s a talented actor, I admire his work, and I’d definitely love to work with him in the future. He’s a funny guy–he’s got a sense of humor and I love people that won’t take themselves too seriously all the time, so it’s cool for him to come out and say how he felt or joke around or whatever. It was fun, I laughed at it.

it’s worth noting that one month prior, in june 2013, it was announced in the hollywood reporter that shailene woodley, originally cast as mary jane, would have all of her scenes cut from spiderman 2. note this excerpt from the article:

“I made a creative decision to streamline the story and focus on Peter and Gwen and their relationship,” said Webb. “Shailene is an incredibly talented actress, and while we only shot a few scenes with Mary Jane, we all love working with her.”

The plan now is for Watson, one of Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s iconic love interests, to be introduced in the third movie.

It is likely that Woodley will not return and that the part will be recast.

“Of course I’m bummed,” Woodley told Entertainment Weekly, which first reported the news. “But I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a specific reason. … Based on the proposed plot, I completely understand holding off on introducing [Mary Jane] until the next film.”

okay, so - couple things:

  • “watson, one of peter parker/spider-man’s iconic love interests” - not “mary jane,” but the gender neutral “watson”
  • the director complimented shailene’s talent and work ethic, indicating that nothing in her performance was a problem; nonetheless, “woodley will not return and the part will be recast”
  • and woodley says, “based on the proposed plot, i completely understand holding off on introducing [mary jane] until the next film”
  • and the brackets around [mary jane] indicated that she… didn’t say mary jane. she said something else. maybe “watson.” maybe “MJ.”

and, of course, one month later, andrew garfield and marc webb were publicly running around comic-con calling for a bisexual spiderman and michael b. jordan as MJ. 


now, when later asked about the entertainment weekly interview, andrew claims that he was “joking” and that “it wouldn’t make sense for peter parker to suddenly discover he’s into boys” but then… he delivers a three-minute monologue about lgbt teen suicide and the importance of representation and almost starts crying. so make of that what you will.

then, shortly after comic-con, in august of 2013, stan lee was asked a couple of times about andrew garfield’s call for a bisexual spiderman. his thoughts:

This past weekend, Comicbook.com covered Fandomfest in Louisville, Kentucky, where we reported on Stan Lee’s reaction to a question about Andrew Garfield’s idea to make Spider-Man bisexual. Stan Lee said, “He’s becoming bisexual? Really? Who have you been talking to? I don’t know…seriously I don’t know anything about that. And if it’s true, I’m going to make a couple of phone calls. I figure one sex is enough for anybody.”

In an interview yesterday with WGN radio, Stan Lee was once again asked about Andrew Garfield’s comments. The radio host asked, “There’s one thing that happened recently, and I think this is one thing that makes you a little bit mad. Andrew Garfield suggested that maybe MJ could be a man. Was that out of left field?”

Stan Lee replied, “Boy, that was so out of left field! I don’t understand why he said that, and one of the quotes I gave, he wanted to talk about I think Spider-Man being bisexual, and my only comment was I thought one sex at a time ought to be enough for anybody.”

When asked where he thought Andrew Garfield’s comments came from or if he was just trying to include another audience, Stan Lee said, “Or maybe sometimes you say something just to be noticed or to create a controversy, who knows? But he’s a great guy and he’s a fine actor, and I hope this doesn’t hurt him in any way.”

so like… stan lee was not on fucking board. stan lee was talking about “making a couple of phone calls,” and suggesting andrew “said something just to be noticed or to create a controversy,” and intimated, “i hope this doesn’t hurt him in any way.”

and then, of course, andrew was let go from his contract, and sony struck a deal with marvel to reboot spiderman according to a legal licensing agreement - in place prior to the andrew garfield movies, actually - requiring peter parker to be heterosexual and white.

now, earlier this year, andrew garfield took part in a roundtable discussion with several other actors, including dev patel.

at one point, around the 36-minute mark, dev mentions that he regrets participating in avatar: the last airbender, saying:

I saw a stranger on the screen, like, i didn’t really relate to. And I was just like, this is a terrible extension of me. This is not what I want to represent in any way.

andrew then replies:

I love what you just said, that it felt like you were looking at a stranger, and feeling like you were perpetuating something that’s toxic. And something that’s shallow. And something that has no depth. No matter how much depth was attempted to be bought into it and sold. And then you go – millions and million, for me it was, you know, Spiderman stuff… There’s millions and millions of young people watching who are hungry for a hand here. Someone to say, “You’re okay. Everything’s okay. You’re seen. You’re seen very deeply.” And we have opportunities to do that with those kind of behemoth films. And more often than not, the opportunity is not taken. And it’s absolutely devastating and heartbreaking because there’s so much medicine that could be delivered through those films.”

then the interview asks, “but why is it not taken?” and andrew replies, “why do you think? why do you think?”

tl;dr andrew garfield and marc webb were lobbying for a bisexual spiderman and sony literally fired both of them, signed a licensing agreement with marvel, and rebooted the entire franchise to ensure that would not happen. thanks for coming to my ted talk.





If Asgardians speak English but originate from Scandinavian folklore, then by all rights shouldn’t Thor, Loki, and company sound like they’re from Minnesota?

Oh, ya, m'name’s Loki, and I am burdened with glorious purpose, doncha know.

This would get me to watch all the Thor movies.

Thor: Aww geeze, I’m gonna need ya to hand over that tesseract there ya?
Loki: Oh, good ta see ya, too, brother, thanks for askin’ how I was and all there.
Thor: Cheese and crackers, does it seem like I’m in the mood for your games there now then yet? 

I set today as my deadline to make up my mind about the meds, there’s no use in dragging it out, wasting even more time, if I don’t feel like it’s getting any better. Which I don’t. So tomorrow I’m going to the pharmacy to get the 37.5mg meds and start the carousel back up again.

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George is either recounting something one of the Falcs did or chirping Jack about his shoes. Jack & George, run buds.

#damn Jack#you and George are gonna cause a traffic accident

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George is either recounting something one of the Falcs did or chirping Jack about his shoes. Jack & George, run buds.


no offense but i cant believe you guys are, on purpose, bringing back the Harry Potter epilogue? like, we’re just all going to blithely reblog the most embarrassing piece of writing ever committed to print like it’s something we ENJOYED?? something we might think of with FOND NOSTALGIA and want to be reminded of?? a series of words we might choose to READ AGAIN, for PLEASURE????? get a grip

September 02 2017


anyway who else feels bad for todays pre-teen girls?? they see all these instagram models who are over 20, and they look at that and think “i need to be like her otherwise im ugly or abnormal” like?? i can only imagine how insecure these little girls must feel. just looking at these middle schoolers with perfect instagram makeup and professionally done acrylic nails?? in middle school you’re supposed to grow, that’s when you figure out who you are, you’re right in between the stages of childhood and adulthood, you’re supposed to look like a rat lmao, and pre teen girls these days arent allowed to do that and it sucks 

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I’m trying to reblog a post but how do I get past this? What is wrong with the app?!

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reblog this and in the tags, write the band that comes to mind first when you think back to being 13 years old

It’s fall; which means it’s time for some major change in my life. As soon as autumn comes I feel the overwhelming need to sell my apartment, cut my hair off (I don’t have any more to spare though??) and throw out my entire wardrobe and start fresh. I’m going shopping today but I should probably have some kind of limit on my card so I won’t go completely crazy.



that the people who care about you aren’t, in fact, incrementally & constantly adjusting their opinion of you based on how stupid or cool your last interaction with them was….is something i actively try believing in every single day & when it works it brings my heart great peace

@ ppl in the tags who are afraid to believe this: i get it, i do. but ask yourself if this is something you would ever do to someone YOU care about. if your best friend accidentally spit on your face while they were talking to you, is that something that would make you want to talk to your best friend less? probably….definitely not, right? in fact, even thinking about reacting that way seems indescribably absurd, doesn’t it? the ones who care are VERY MUCH privy to an honest & fundamental core of you, and that kind of knowledge is not easily susceptible to change, ever  

September 01 2017

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The floofs

Reposted bytutusfootman

August 31 2017

I hate that it’s not grown up to care. That it’s childish to have emotions. I got a bit upset at the company after work today because they played “he lives in you” (from lion king 2) in the music quiz and tried to claim it was the title track from the lion king. Which it’s not. And so my team lost because we said lion king 2.

I am am a. Very. Sore. Loser.

I mean, I wasn’t mean or angry or too loud and obnoxious or anything, but I was annoyed at losing when I wasn’t actually wrong? And now i feel too embarrassed to go to work tomorrow. Because I know they look at me like I’m a little kid, and I’m a sore loser.

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If you hard. Then you hard.

headcanon: eric bittle tailors his petnames to the season



  • sweatpea
  • buttercup
  • hot cross buns


  • sunshine
  • dreamboat
  • puddin’ pop


  • pumpkin (“punkin’“)
  • pumpkin pie
  • pumpkin muffin


  • snowflake
  • candycane
  • non-fat venti peppermint mocha latte

August 30 2017

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This is 100% necessary.

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